Monday, September 29, 2008


The development on GO-PAYROLL continues at a good clip. Today, however, I would like to politicize the blog a bit. We are, as a nation, in trouble. We have had an environment of "cowboy capitalism" since 1980. Deregulate this, deregulate that. As a result, we have no one advocating for those of us who pay the real freight and do the real heavy lifting in this country; the middle class. From drugs to banks to airlines to telecom, there is no regulation, there is no consumer protection, no safety net. People are losing their savings, losing their retirement nest egg, their health insurance... I could go on and on. I am not going to advocate a particular candidate. That is not my purpose. But I DO want everyone who reads this to think very carefully about what kind of government they want. I want everyone who reads this to participate and making that kind of government happen. We need to be proactive in order to put things back on track in this country. Get out and vote, and do so thoughtfully!

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